Thursday, July 21, 2016

There's a New Kid In Town

Well, I definitely put this whole blogging thing on the back burner let this whole blogging thing go up in flames, didn't I? :)
It's been a while... and boy have things changed around here!
In a good, good way though.
Since my last post, we're now foster parents of the cutest little 3 year old boy.
He's totally stolen our hearts.
As of our last post, we had just completed foster training and were waiting on the licensing to be done. We got an email on Monday, April 25th that we were licensed foster parents.
And 45 minutes later, I got a call from our case worker asking if we were interested in a 3 year old boy.
It was that quick.
Our plan was to bring a baby into our home but boy did the Lord have other plans. We were sent an email about the little guy and there was just nothing that we could say "No, he just doesn't seem like a good fit." to.
We talked about it. Prayed about it. And slept on it.
And decided that we would love to bring him home.
So that Friday on April 29th, we went to pick him up.
And haven't stopped since. :)
No. Seriously, we've been going 100 mph since that day.
I fell in love the moment I laid eyes on him. We will call him "H" (for legal reasons, unfortunately, I cannot share photos of his face or his name).
I do wish more than anything that you could see his face because he's the cutest, most handsome little guy!
We knew a little bit about him before we met him:
-He had just turned 3.
-He'd had no structure.
-Hated strawberries.
-Loved scrambled eggs. (Same!)
-Loved Paw Patrol. (Had no idea what this was...)
-Slept and napped like a champ (HOLLA!)
To say we were thrown into the toddler stage is an understatement. And with a toddler that had never really been made to mind and kind of given what he wanted, when he wanted it. Nice.
But "H" has done AMAZING! With just under 3 months of structure and discipline, he has come so far. He's three, so he knows how to throw down if he doesn't get his way. But he is the most sweet-hearted little boy. He is very sympathetic and loving. And very inquisitive and extremely smart!
Both mine and Jeff's family love him. And I couldn't ask for more than that.
Everyone has welcomed him as though he's been here forever. He loves my dad and Grandma Brenda too. :) We have a lot of people that love him and I am truly thankful for that.
I just know that my mama would eat him up. :)
He saw a picture of my mom one day in my office and asked me who it was. I proceeded to tell him that it was my Mama and that she was in Heaven with Jesus.
His response... "I'd like to meet her one day."
Insert ugly cry here. I wasn't expecting that. But that is his personality.
Oh, my heart.
Also, he is Jeff's biggest fan.
He and Jeff have a bond already that I admire so much. I have said it many times, but I think the Lord knew Jeff needed a buddy like "H".
Speaking of Jeff... I knew he was a very patient person but he totally has this parenting thing down. I'll be the first to say, I am still learning a lot and learning to pick my battles. But Jeff just has a way of moving through the ups and downs so calmly. He's an outstanding dad. :)
I have been open about this foster journey, just because that's part of who I am with my life anyway. I don't hide much and I tend to share things that are near and dear to my heart through social media with my friends and family.
With that said, there are a lot of things on our foster journey that, legally, I cannot share. I will say that our hope is that he will be our forever son but we aren't sure at this time.
We are trusting in the Lord and know His plan is best.
In the meantime, I plan to update the blog more often. I want to have these blog posts and photos to look back on down the road. :)
Some facts on our little guy right now:
-He started preschool about 3 weeks after he came and he has done really good. His teachers tell us that he is well-mannered (we have worked on that since day one!) and a leader in class.
-He still hates strawberries.
-He still loves scrambled eggs.
-Loves ANYTHING super heroes.
-Loves Lily, our dog, but her... well, we've made a few small steps in the right direction.
-Loves animals!
-He loves sweets and I believe that he ate a lot of junk food prior. We are working through that and although we have not cut them out altogether, we've tried to implement healthier snacks and meals into his diet. He does love fruit (other than strawberries), so I am thankful for that.
-He is the happiest little guy in the mornings. Always wakes up smiling and is very chipper!
-We went on vacation in June and he got to see the ocean for the first time.
We're just taking this thing day by day and I really feel like we are in a good flow right now. He's settled in so good.
If we're being honest here, I have no idea what I am doing but I am doing the best I can. :)
Here's some snapshots of our life lately! Maybe one day I won't have to blur out his sweet face...

The day we went to pick him up. What I love most about this photo is the pure joy that you can see on Jeff's face. He cried the moment they brought "H" into the room. And I loved him even more in that moment.

First zoo trip with our buddy! He LOVED the zoo.

First day of preschool!

First time in the ocean... he loved it!


First major league baseball game! We went to see the Tampa Bay Rays while we were on vacation in Florida. I'm pretty sure his favorite part were the snacks. :)

Taking a little boat ride with our favorite Game Warden. ;)

Hanging out at the park!

First trip to the Smoky Mountains!

 Lastly, I wanted to say that Jeff and I have been overwhelmed with the love and support that we have gotten throughout this journey. It has meant so very much to us. The gifts, messages, prayers, advice... everything. We are beyond grateful.
Thank you!
Much love,

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