Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Life Lately... And a Lesson on Love

With doing a whole lot of hurry up and waiting in the foster process, I haven't felt like I have much to write about lately... hence the hiatus.

But we are nearing the end... and my case worker called today to let me know that our final packet was being sent to Columbia tomorrow. 

*Insert all the emojis with all the feels here.*

We are talking weeks, ya'll. Eek!!

So here's a little bit of our life lately...

After two Saturdays of foster training, it was nice to know that was behind us. I will say that training opened my eyes... and my heart... more than I could have imagined. I realize that there is a lot of heartache in foster care and the system doesn't always operate the way you think it should. 

But I realize that it can also be beautiful.

Jeff & I after training... our faces express exactly how each of us was feeling. 

One thing at the top of my to-do list has been getting the nursery/room ready. It is slowly coming along and I will share more when it is finished next week. It is tough not knowing what to prepare for... boy/girl? Baby/toddler?

I am extremely grateful to friends and family that have given me things and offered to help with anything that we need. I have said it many times but the support that we have received has meant so, so much to us.

Slowly getting the room ready! Thank you, Brittany, for the rocking horse!

Sweet Lily... she has no idea what is coming. :)

We celebrated Easter a couple weeks ago and it was nice to go to church with my grandparents and spend the day with family at the lake! The weather wasn't ideal but I love any holiday with my mama's side of the family. :)

Easter 2016

That's about it for life lately!

I am just trying to prepare as best I can for what is to come. I have prayed more over these last few months more than I think I ever have. I pray daily for children and families that I don't even know.

I wanted to share this because it has been on my heart lately...

One thing we were told from the beginning is that the goal of the state is reunification for these children. As a human being, I think that my heart naturally drops a little at the thought of that but I also realize that is selfish.

At the end of the day, I feel that if there is a family out there... a mom or a dad... that may just need some resources to get there life back on track, then I pray the Lord changes their heart and their path and they do just that.

We watched a video during training that stuck out to me so much and brought tears to my eyes. It also taught me a lesson.

It was about a woman with several children who had made bad decisions in my life and they were taken from her and placed in foster care.

She realized that she needed to change her ways and, with the needed resources, she got a job and began to better herself and her life. And I wanted to hug her.

I realize, it doesn't always end that way and that is where foster parents come into play. And if it's His plans for us to adopt, we will do so with open arms.

Our hope is that we will adopt from foster care but I have nothing but love and respect for someone who can come back from tragedy and change their lives for not only themselves, but their children. Maybe they just need someone rooting for them.

The Lord has really changed my heart on this. And for that, I am so grateful.

He is so, so good.

"My command is this: love each other as I have loved you." John 15:12

Much love,