Friday, February 5, 2016

To Our Future Foster Child(ren)

To our future foster child(ren),

We love you.

We don't know you yet but we love you so much.

Whether you are here with us for one day, one month or one year... or happen to be with us forever, we will love you the same.

All the days.

We know that the reason you are with us is not ideal. But we won't talk about that. We'll talk about your favorite cartoons, your favorite toys and the stars in the sky. We will laugh together, play together and pray together. And give lots of hugs too! 

We will pray for your mommy and daddy. We will pray that whatever comes of this, it is in your best interest. You are the one who matters.

Our hope is that you feel at home and spend your days learning, growing and laughing. 

We have so many people that we want you to meet. People that mean a lot to us that have prayed and waited for you too!

But there are also some that aren't here, that we wish, so much, that you could meet. :) 

You, kiddo, are so very loved. 

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